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What materials do we use?

Lace store - What materials do we use?  - TOPAK Ltd.    Cotton, linen, Lurex, PES, acrylic, elastic fibre

In the traditional production of bobbin lace in Drnovice we currently produce mainly from high quality natural materials - cotton and linen, but in our offer you can also find lace made from synthetic materials such as metallic fibres Lurex, polyester, acrylic or elastic fibre Optex. What are their advantages and characteristics? What are they suitable for?


The most widely used natural fibre in the textile industry, it is obtained from the fruit of the cotton plant. It is well processed and dyed. Cotton products are absorbent, pleasant to the touch and low-maintenance. The usual shrinkage of cotton is reported to be between 4-10 %. Cotton lace is most popular in white and ecru, but Topak's colour palette includes many other shades, and thanks to the quality dyeing, you don't have to worry about using and washing them. Cotton lace has a wide range of uses - it is sewn onto clothing, costumes and home furnishings, used for textile appliqué, patchwork, scrapbooking, decoration making and other creations.


Linen textiles have their typical natural scent, are cool to the touch, suck very well and are naturally antibacterial. Linen lace is synonymous with tradition, quality, durability and resistance. It is initially stiffer, but with use and washing it softens and adapts. You can iron dampened linen at a higher temperature, the shrinkage rate is up to 5%. Linen lace will enhance linen shirts, blouses, skirts, as well as bed linen, cushions and other home textiles.  


Acrylic is of synthetic origin and has very good properties. Acrylic lace is soft, silky, colourfast and very easy to wash and maintain. They need a lower temperature when ironing.


This man-made fibre is colourfast, dries quickly, holds its shape and does not wrinkle. Ironed at a lower temperature, otherwise it may deform and destroy. Lace made from polyester silk is durable, long-lasting, beautiful and almost indestructible.  


Metallic thread with a metallic sheen can come in many colours, most are made from gold and silver yarns. Lurex lace makes costumes, clothes, handbags and various fashion accessories look festive and luxurious. Jewellery, brooches and other ornaments can also be made from thicker, shimmering lace.


Elastic fibre gives the products flexibility. We use it to make elastic bands, thin rubber bands, which are perfect for sleeve hems and blouse hems. We also use elastic fibre to make 75411 lace, which then forms neat cannons. 

Interesting fact: There are many historical pattern books with hundreds of patterns in the archives of the bobbin lace factory. In the past, it was mainly made of silk, rayon, cotton, but also paper.