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TUTORIAL: How to make Advent more pleasant and bright

Lace store - TUTORIAL: How to make Advent more pleasant and bright - TOPAK Ltd.    Instructions for simple lamps and candle holders with lace.

Advent is a special time, mysterious and full of anticipation... people and animals alike watch to see if the shortening of the day will stop and the light will once again triumph over the darkness. In the Christian tradition, this time is dedicated to preparing for the "coming" of Jesus, people fast and prepare for the Christmas season, which begins on December 24. Lights, lamps, lanterns and candles are inherent to Advent. Let's make the wait for the solstice more pleasant and make candle holders for the long evenings in a simple and effective way, which will light up and delight us with their flickering shadows...

topak adventní lampa s krajkamitopak adventní světlo

Materials and tools: glass containers for tea lights, jam jars, cotton and metallic lace, scissors, glue gun (or pin and thread in the colour of the lace), metallic thread with Lurex, candles

1) Prepare materials and tools. Choose the lace according to the pattern, colour, but also according to the width to fit the height of the future candle holder or lantern. Wrap around the jar, cut a sufficient length with a spare and join the ends of the lace with a hot glue gun, pin or sew so that the lace ornament holds firmly. 
In our offer you will find a "Creative Christmas set" for your creation, in which we have prepared wide and narrow lace in traditional colours - white, green, red and gold. And we've included a skein of metallic gold thread to give your decorations and packages a festive look.

2) Decorate the candle holder with shimmering metallic thread, wrap it around the glass container several times, tie a bow or knot, and make sure all flammable parts are safely out of the flame. 

3) Then just insert the tea light candle, light it and enjoy the flickering flame and the play of shadows on the table or walls.


And as a bonus - a tip for decorating long wax candles: heat the candle with a hairdryer and press the lace onto it. That's it, the lace ornament will stick better.

Just please don't leave any lit candles, lamps or candle holders unattended for long!
For the record, the Winter Solstice, the first day of winter, falls on December 21, 2021 at 5 pm.


We wish you a peaceful Advent season full of hope for better days and good health.