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TUTORIAL: How to create an autumn sun

Lace store - TUTORIAL: How to create an autumn sun - TOPAK Ltd.    Step-by-step instructions for creating an autumn decoration from pedigree and lace.

podzimní krajkové slunce z pedigu

návod na dno z pedigu

Did you know that in October the day will be shortened by 1 hour and 46 minutes? The days are getting shorter, the rosehips are ripening, the nuts are falling and soon we will have long evenings. If only we could save a bit of warmth and light for the winter... We have a tip for you. We can make an autumn sun out of pedigree, a tasselled, jagged, cheerful sun decorated with lace, which won't go over the horizon in the evening and will delight us even on a rainy day.


Materials and tools: pedigree, bobbin lace, container for soaking pedigree, needle, thread

1) Prepare the pedigree (peeled rattan), soak it in warm water to soften it. You can find instructions for knitting a round bottom in any pedigree book or on the internet. We borrowed the picture instructions from the book Knitting with pedigree from the publishing house Metafora. You choose the size of the base cross depending on how big you want your sun to be. However, be sure to leave enough material for the rays.

2) Once you have a large enough base circle, tuck the ends of the knitting pair of pedigree discreetly to one ray. Bend the individual spokes into curves and leave the piece to dry.

3) Meanwhile, prepare your lace, choosing the prettiest one you have. It can be white, ecru or coloured. Try how the sun looks with lace that has curves. Maybe tips are better? For your home creations we recommend our "Creative Packs", you can choose bobbin lace in white, ecru or a colour mix.

4) Finally, thread the lace between the spokes to make it look its best. Get the kids involved too, it's easy and fun. It's a good idea to sew the ends of the lace together on the back of the circle. Now just find a suitable place to hang it and you're done! You can put it on your front door instead of the usual wreath.

lace and pedigree

May the new sunshine warm your soul for a long time!