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How to care for lace

Lace is a delicate textile, take care of it. To enjoy our products for a long time, we recommend hand washing with natural soap or gentle washing up to 40 °C. Never wring the lace, but only squeeze very gently and leave to dry preferably in the fresh air hanging or spread out on a mat. Iron slightly damp lace gently or through the fabric; natural materials (cotton, linen) can withstand higher temperatures, but synthetic materials (PES, acrylic) can be irreversibly damaged by high heat.




Hand washing - Max. temperature 40°C.


Washing - Normal procedure max. temperature 40°C.


Ironing - Max. temperature of the soleplate 110°C


Ironing - Max. temperature of the soleplate 150°C


Tumble drying - Max. temperature 60°C.


Tumble drying - Max. temperature 80°C.


Professional dry cleaning - Mild process


Professional dry cleaning - Normal process


Product must NOT be dried in a tumble dryer.


Product must NOT be dry cleaned.


Product must NOT be bleached.


Do not wring.