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2022 = Very Peri. How and who determines the colour of the year?

Lace store - 2022 = Very Peri. How and who determines the colour of the year?  - TOPAK Ltd.    Colour inspiration for 2022.

Pantone has been highlighting the best seasonal colors and predicting color trends for the coming season for more than twenty years. Experts analyze current social events in the world, based on the  color psychology and their opinion is accepted by designers and creatives around the world. The chosen colour then appears in fashion, design, painting, the gaming industry and other fields.

The year 2022 belongs to the shade Vera Peri.  A blue-violet colour with red undertones that will influence our lifestyle, promote creativity, inventiveness, imagination, encourage change and give strength. "The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what's happening in our global culture," says Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.

How does blue-violet affect us?

Color therapy describes it as a cold color that promotes focus and relaxation. Blue is calm and harmonious while red awakens passion and zest for life, but the ratio in which you mix this two colours is very important. If you like blue-violet use it in the bathroom, study room or bedroom. But everything in moderation, you don't have to paint the whole apartment, smaller coloured areas and home accessories will also do a good service.  

Get inspired!

Colour trends can be seen more as recommendations and an opportunity to buy a new piece for our wardrobe or jewellery collection. If you like to sew and also recycle, use cotton bobbin lace to brightened up a blouse, skirt, handbag etc.

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